18 juli - in my words ...


Weer eens een keer vroeg wakker en vol indrukken en gedachten, waarvan een deel er dit keer uit kwam in dit wat mijmerende vers:



In my words
(I think)
I can express
how I am touched
by what I see and hear
and smell and taste and feel,
how I’m impressed
by what’s around me;
people, things, the world,
the news,
a piece of art
a fragment of a conversation,
someone going by
(who are you, stranger)

it all comes in
through all my senses,
touching something
someone inside,
terra incognita

I look and look
at what comes out
expression of impressions
and am amazed;
is this who I am?
what is it telling me
about the world inside
about the world around?

I can but look and hear
and smell and taste and feel
and share with you
what happens then

for me; in words
for someone else maybe
in art or dance,
a song, music, a play,
a smile, a hug, a kiss

so many ways
to share
what life creates

and be amazed
and full of wonder





[einde juli]