16 maart - 2


In times of great uncertainty,
like now,
not only here,
but touching people
all across the globe,


we don’t need people
spreading fear
but are in dire need
for tales of hope,
of spirit growing
bigger than the fear
for loss.


I’m reaching out to you,
you stranger,
maybe fearing for your life
or for the life and future
of the people
that you keep
close to your heart.


I’m reaching out to you,
am looking for the day
that we may meet
as fellow human beings;
sharing in the pain
of what was lost,
but also filled with hope
are building
on a better world than this
where borders
and where thoughts and theories
that now keep us apart
will be forever gone,
the latest victims
of a virus
that not only hurt us
for the losses that we grieve
and share,
but in the end
brought us together,
finally united
in a hope and love and bond
that nothing can endanger
or destroy


I’m reaching out to you,
whoever you may be
and welcome you
as fellow human being
sharing pain and hope
and finally
will be united,
all the borders gone
for all eternity!